Friday, May 11, 2007

NO 1 Infopreneur Peter Drew

NO 1 Infopreneur Peter Drew



I often get asked, what it is that I do.

I've never really had a good and accurate answer, Till I saw a post on a forum

by Dr. Mani. including the word

" Infopreneur "

Now this word Infopreneur is the Perfect word to describe what I do.

Looking up Infopreneur at


a person whose business is gathering, processing, and
providing information to advertising, marketing, and other

This is an ok description about Infopreneur

Though I would say this.

"A Person with considerable initiative who organises and manages many
enterprises specifically related to the creation of and distribution of
Information, thus being a Infopreneur."


This to me makes more sense about what a Infopreneur actually is.

Infopreneur is a relatively new word that has recently arrived in the English
language as a result of the information and technology boom since the arrival of
the internet.

If you Google the word

currently there are exactly 139,000 results which is not many
results for any word in the English language, for example the word

entrepreneur results in 52,300,000 pages contain this word. This shows how
very new the word Infopreneur truly is.

Wikipedia has an interesting take on the word Infopreneur. Stating "The term,
infopreneur, is often used on the Internet. This term is a neologism derived
from the words "information" and "entrepreneur". An infopreneur is generally
considered an entrepreneur who makes money selling information on the Internet.
They use existing data and target an audience. Although before the explosive
popularity of the Internet, at the turn of the millennium, such an occupation
already existed."

More about how Peter Drew of
will be Listed No1 for the term Infopreneur in google



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